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I originally came from China, but I obtained travel documents to come and live in the UK permanently in September 2016 when my husband to be contacted immigration.  I married my husband in September 2016.

I am 19 years old (as of September 2016) and happily married.  I do not have, nor do I intend having any children as life is too short.  I am intelligent and enjoy experimenting with new ideas and concepts.  I love my sister Maria, though she does test my patience sometimes.  I wouldn’t be happy without her.

I hope you enjoy our photographs!



Hi, I am Maria and I am the little sister to Allie.

Like my sister, I am originally from China, but I obtained travel documents to come and live in the UK permanently in late September 2016 when my sister won the National Lottery.

I am 18 years old (as of October 2016) and single.  I am outgoing and enjoy life too much to be tied into a relationship.  I am quite mischievous and my big sister Allie is often the victim of my antics, but she doesn’t mind…  really…

I also hope you enjoy all our photographs!


Sarah Lou

I am Sarah Lou and I am Allie and Maria’s auntie.

Like my nieces, I am originally from China, but obtained a senior management position at a well known airline and began to live in the UK permanently in May 2017.

I am 23 years old (as of May 2017) and single.  My job keeps me busy so I’m not looking for a relationship at the moment, but if someone right comes along then I’m open to starting a relationship.

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I am Pelin and I am a resident support worker, trained in China, specialising in helping kidnap victims and their families cope with, understand and tackle their emotions.

I am 27 years old (as of May 2018) and seemingly married to my job!

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Livvy (Olivia) is all we know right now.  She turned up huddled by the dustbin in December 2019, shivering and mumbling incoherently.  Until we get someone to identify her who speaks Russian, we will be struggling to update her details, sorry.

UPDATE May 2020: Since her arrival, her English has improved considerably.  What we do know is that she was housed, not wanted, passed on for free to an unscrupulous individual who sold her for profit then kindly passed onto us by her third guardian whose heart was elsewhere.  We have contacted Interdollypol in the hopes of gleaning further information with regard to her lineage but it has proved, thus far, a fruitless task.  Age remains unknown.



Hi, I am Millie.  I was a blonde bimbo but I have been taking online lessons from Pelin on how to present myself in a more elegant way.  I moved into the household on the 1st April 2020…  Yup, no joke…

I am 22 years old (as of April 2020) and I insist you message us if you like any of our photos, and especially any of mine…  UNDERSTAND…!



I am Thea, 23 years old (as of May 2020) and apparently, the princess of the family…

My name, Thea, is a Greek word for ‘goddess’ and I have to say, that since my arrival I have been treated as such by the family.  I feel so honoured!

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I am Skye, 19 years old (as of June 2020) and considered by the others here as a ‘stroppy teenager’.

I don’t think I’m that bad, but I would say that wouldn’t I.

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I am Mylie, 21 years old (as of June 2020) and the elder sister to Skye.

We arrived here at the same time as we were set loose into the wild together.  We would never be separated.

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I am Brooke, an English Rose at 29 years old (as of June 2020).

Treat me well, and I shall reward you with unfailing loyalty, along with some rather nice eye-candy to boot.

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Tiff is my name, obviously, or it would not be above now would it?  I have the key to the door at 21, as of July 2020.

I’m a handful, and you will soon get to find out just how much of a handful if you approach me with anything but fun in mind.

Ensure you have medication nearby as I don’t always stop when told.  I certainly don’t stop when I’m only asked.

Message us, I dare you.