Eyelid Installation Tips


Hi, and thanks for buying a set of my eyelids for your lady friend.


I’ll go through the steps to get these installed on your girl and some additional tips to point you in the right direction.


Step 1: Check your new eyelids.

Check your eyelids.

There may be a little sandpapering needed to smooth out any rough edges and burrs caused during manufacture.  Check thoroughly before proceeding to the next step. If there are any issues with an eyelid, do please contact me.


You might want to mark the inside of your eyelids with a permanent marker to show left/right/who etc. Some lashes have ‘handedness’.


Step 2: Obtain some suitable lashes to apply to your new eyelid.

Model No: 3D-48 from eBay.

I have used model no. 3D-48, available on eBay at varying prices.


Step 3: Remove your girls current top eyelashes and makeup.

Makeup and stock upper eyelashes need to be removed.

If, like me, your eyelashes are/were very well glued on (unlikely from the factory!) then use some Acetone to dissolve any eyelash residue. Acetone will dissolve superglue, lashes AND eyes! With this in mind, you should remove her eyes before approaching with Acetone. It should not damage TPE if exposure is short term but PLEASE test in an inconspicuous area before using it as TPE blends do vary.

CAUTION: Acetone MAY dissolve any tool you may be using! Cotton buds are probably better than a sponge applicator as the sponge itself may dissolve. Run a test on your tool (so to speak).

WARNING: Please ensure suitable ventilation if you need to use Acetone.

Makeup can be removed using mineral oil/baby oil and a sponge applicator or similar.

Makeup and stock upper eyelashes removed.

Take care not to damage the lower lash.


Step 4: Using the tackiness on your new eyelashes, align them up with the longer outside edge of your eyelid (as shown). They will stick to each other enough for you to experiment and adjust many times.

Applying the lash to the lid with tweezers.

When installed, some of the lash will hang up on the top of the eye socket. To alleviate this issue, you should trim down your eyelashes to allow enough upwards movement without catching on the eye socket too much. A little experimentation is needed and it’s a bit of a balancing act.


Step 5: Glue your lashes in place.

Once you have determined the best length of the lash, you should permanently affix the lash to the lid.

Drop some superglue onto paper.

Dropping some superglue onto a paper sheet, then using a toothpick to apply the glue to the lash and lid seems to be the best way to do it. You should apply the superglue to the top and bottom of the lash.

Applying superglue to the top side of the lash.

Applying superglue to the underside of the lash.

Marking the toothpick in red reminds me which side has the glue, and which side I can use to move the lash if needed. The factory lash glue should hold throughout this process providing you haven’t added any makeup already!


Step 6: Leave the new combo to dry thoroughly.

Eyelash attached to the eyelid.  WAIT UNTIL DRY!

Grab some photo’s of your girl whilst she awaits her final operation.


Step 7: Double check the glue is dry. If you can smell it, it’s not dry…

If it smells, it’s NOT dry!


Step 8: Time to apply makeup if required. Add it to the outer lid…

Adding makeup to the final product.

…and underneath the lash.

Adding makeup to the underside of the final product.

I have used THIS set of eye shadow powder. Palette position 5 is a near perfect match for the WM Tan colour.  I don’t have any other Jinsan colours to test, but mixing and matching should get you somewhere near to where you want to be.

Our makeup of choice.


Position 5, perfect for replicating WM Tan.



Step 9: Insert the new eyelid into your girls eye by applying upwards pressure just below the eyebrow and slotting in the new eyelid.


Step 10: Discover your girls new character and enjoy!

Allie sleeps!

ATTENTION: You may find it more difficult to extract yourself from the bed covers when your girl sleeps with you.  Please plan ahead and expect at least one extra horizontal hour.  😌