THREE GIRLS – Returned


Damage Report 

Hoorah!   My ladies were returned 13th June 2018.


Being stored on a cold hard surface for 8+ months hasn’t done them any good.


This will take months to settle back, if ever.


Things could have been worse.

1x abrasion to wrist – repairable with heat gun.

1x finger nail missing – replaced.

1x deep crease on ankle – time will hopefully fix this.

Both of SarahLou’s ears ripped upwards at the base – repaired.

2x poking around in the mouth causing cream nail varnish to flake from teeth – replaced.

3x very flat arses with wrinkles – hopefully will settle back to normal.  Not overly bothered by this as I don’t generally do nude photos.

So, all in all, physically, not as bad as I anticipated.

Their emotional well being is more of a worry.  See the debriefing.



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