You will find here a collection of character developing story lines and photographs of WM, DS, OR, YL, SM, 6YE, Irontech, Autome, Starpery, 1/6 scale Phicen/TBLeague and Smart Doll, available from many vendors throughout the UK and the world.

Most early photos here are generally unedited, and often straight from the camera without context.  Latterly, we have made efforts to improve our output for your enjoyment.  Our photos and stories are published on other doll forums and social media.

In April 2019, there were a few 1/3 scale 3D printed ladies joining the family.

In September 2020 we had a special guest, a rare Polyurethane Foam DS EX-Lite taking up residence.

In March 2022 the first silicone girl turned up at the household.

August 2023 saw the arrival of our very first Smart Doll, having procrastinated for far too long.  There may be more…

We hope you enjoy. Do please leave us a message if you feel motivated enough.

With love,

Allie and Maria and Friends!

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