Eye Back Installation Tips

Increased range of movement.

OK, you’ve got no more excuses to have static eyes during a photo shoot!

The eyes are the window to the soul and these new Eye Backs will allow you to show your lovely girls character so much easier.

The shims are 1mm, 2mm and 4mm, giving you a total variance of 7mm. this should be enough to allow you to fit them in most all of the Jinsan back catalogue and, until Jinsan come up with another method, their future catalogue too!

Adding shims/unscrewing the screw will usually make your girls eyes a little bigger as they will protrude a little more.

Tightening the upper and lower portions of the product onto the shims will stop the product coming loose.

Adding talc or cornflour into the eye socket will reduce the friction between the TPE and the eyeball, or the eyeball and eye back.

It may be wise to sand down the back of the eyeball as they are sometimes quite rough and unfinished.

We advise against adding oil to the back of the eye as this is more likely to make things sticky and difficult to move.

Fully compatible with the Allie Industries™ Eyelids.